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Car Builder

Do you want to be sponsored as a car builder?

Are you the next big car builder? Do you have a passion for cars and an ability to complete what you started? We are always looking for new talent who need some help along the way.

Can anyone get sponsored?

The short answer is that everyone has the chance to be sponsored but we don’t sponsor just anyone. This means that we set certain requirements for you to be approved, but that everyone can apply. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or experienced. The important thing is that you are serious and that you follow through on what you are taking on.

What are the requirements put on the car builder?

First of all, it is important that you have a vision of what you want to do and work towards a goal. Then you need to have somewhere to go when you screw, have all the skills required (or people around you who can help) and a plan. What to do on the car, what it costs and when the car is expected to be ready. It is also possible to apply for sponsorship if you have an almost finished project but still want some help from us towards the end.

Each project must document both before, during and after the project has been carried out. These pictures and videos should be submitted to us every three months. The material will be used for marketing purposes and posted on social media as well as in other channels. By approving our requirements and applying for sponsorship, you give NolimitsSociety the right to use the images and videos freely in marketing. Materials are emailed to

Our decals will be mounted on the project car and sit there throughout the collaboration. As a sponsor, you are required to mention us as a sponsor in all marketing contexts (e.g. interviews, social media posts such as instagram, facebook, youtube and snapchat). In social media, this is most easily done through hashtags (#nolimitssociety).

What do you get out of the sponsorship?

When we start a collaboration with a car builder, we first and foremost send out clothes and decals. Of course, we want it to be seen that you are sponsored by us. Then you get access to a sponsor price list that applies to almost everything on the site. You also get discounts from other companies we work with as well as free membership and free entrance to all our events.

What does NLS get out of sponsoring?

We like to be seen and that is of course a big part of the reason why we sponsor different projects. Therefore, it is important to us that you as a sponsored car builder see yourself as an ambassador for us. The other big reason we go in as a sponsor is because we want to help and drive the industry forward. The cornerstones of car styling are you who are passionate about your cars and spend all your waking hours on your projects. It is thanks to you that we exist and therefore we want to give back.

Whether you want to build a simple one or a very elaborate one, a sponsorship helps you do it! Experiment and let your imagination run wild to create your dream ride. From stanced street sweepers to offroad beasts, the options are endless. 

And don’t forget! When you’re done with your custom project car, take it for a spin! With endless combinations for your car, modified to your liking, it’s time to drive it around the track!