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Garage is your virtual home for the cars you love.

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Garage is your virtual home for the cars you love. List your vehicle and reach a wide audience of like-minded car lovers. Find garages to follow, connect with others, show off your cars and like and comment on your favorites.

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Follow garage listings to see what's trending and leave a rating.

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Build your garage to show off your cars for friends and members across the world.




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Rating System

Improve your car's reputation and become a viral star with our new rating system. Vote for your favorite or let others vote for your car. The number of stars can range from 1 to 5. Each month, the highest rated car is named "Car of the Month" where prizes and honor are at stake. Are you ready to be the next star?


Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming a VIP member costs a penny. However, it doesn’t cost more than one cup of coffee a month, so enjoy the coffee or let us give you the best car community experience available.

You first become a member and then add your car via “Garage” tab in your membership profile where you also upload pictures and enter information. You must fill in all the necessary information for your car to be approved and uploaded to our page.

You may only put up vehicles with which you have some kind of connection. That is, you or someone close to you must in principle own or have owned the vehicle in order for it to be on the page. In the activity feed, it is more free to post other vehicles as well.

We’ve created a unique platform for sharing your passion for cars with other enthusiasts, whether you like front-wheel drive hot hatchbacks, all-wheel drive racers, Euro sedans, boosted JDM missiles, American muscle, Italian exotics, go-anywhere off-roaders, or any and all of the above. As a member, you can show off your own cars by creating your own profile and uploading pictures and videos. You can also create events for the community, post comments and rate other members’ cars as well as post in the forum. We want to give you the opportunity to show off your cars, share your experiences, and find inspiration, therefore, we have chosen to offer this feature completely for FREE!!!. You heard it right, all these features come for free with our free membership. You don’t have to pay anything for these features. That’s what we call shifting the automotive world into a higher gear! We believe that the greatest car community is where people can show off their own cars and share their experiences. Whether you are an owner, or just a fan of cars, NolimitsSociety is the place to be. A VIP Membership on our site gives you access to exclusive benefits such as creating your own events, ticket management,, VIP membership card, free entrance to all our events, VIP merchandise and much more.

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