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Event in a Box

Event in a Box
Event in a Box

Event in a Box

Having a membership means you get the unique opportunity to arrange events for NolimitsSociety. It also means you have an opportunity to connect with our unique community, and be the face of NolimitsSociety to those people. You’re the person on the ground who knows the local meetups and events, as well as the people who frequent both, and can therefore provide valuable feedback to the rest of the team.

While we often want to have some sort of presence at the events that you come across, we don’t always have the time to organize that presence. Here’s where you come in! This “Event in a Box” repo will walk you through how you can help organize a NolimitsSociety presence at local and regional events in your area, as well as what we need from you in exchange.

We can’t promise a presence at all the shows, but we do want to help you be successful in your area. Just keep in mind that we do have a budget, so we need you to be invested in the event, and to help us decide whether or not it’s a good investment for the company. For example, we know that we typically want to be at any local meets and regional events. You know your local area best, so let us know why we should be there and we’ll see what we can do.

Without further ado… here’s your “Event in a Box.”

Your go-to checklist for creating an event, NolimitsSociety style.


  • Check the NolimitsSociety Event Calendar to see if we’re already planning on being at the event you’re interested in.
  • If you don’t see it on there, email the event organizers for information on sponsorships: How many people are they expecting? What audience are they targeting? How much do the sponsorships cost and what do they include?
  • Once you’ve heard back, fill out this form with all of the basic information, as well as why you feel we should be sponsoring this event (e.g. we’re wanting to increase our presence in Stockholm; this is a new car meet that shows a lot of promise in the Stockholm area; we have a lot of potential/customers who will be attending, etc.)
  • You’ll hear back from us within 72 hours, after we’ve meet to talk through the events we’ve heard about that week. Take this into account when submitting events — there needs to be enough lead time for us to process your proposal, and for you to organize our presence there.
  • Submit the event here


minimum T-6 to 8 weeks:

  1. Go to the Event Submission and create a event using the pre-made template.
  2. Follow up with the Event organizers and let them know which sponsorship package we have decided on.
  3. Ask the event organizers for a W-9 (W-8 if it’s a non-US conference) and a PDF invoice for our finance team.
  4. Email our finance department with the W-9 and invoice, noting which event you’re sponsoring, and how much the amount is. cc me so that I have a record of it as well.
  5. Check the NolimitsSociety Event Calendar to see if the event is published. If yes, the invoice has been paid & the check sent. If not, send a reply to asking for an update on when it will be published.


T-6 weeks:

  • Staff the booth — look first to people in the local area, then move outward if necessary. Make sure you have a good mix of technical and sales folks, depending on the audience.
  • Post to social media via the web form.
  • Send the posted link to NolimitsSociety to publicize on Instagram and Facebook.

T-4 weeks:

T-2 weeks:

  • Write up an email with details about the event and send it around to your team. Here are a few sample emails: ** Sample Email 1 ** Sample Email 2

T-1 week:

  • Meet with the team to go through your email & answer questions. Talk about why you’re wanting to attend, how it’s important for the company, and how we can make sure to fulfill the “This” list as a part of our participation in this event.

Have any questions along the way? Email

On Site:

  • The first morning of the event (or the afternoon/evening before, depending on folks’ travel schedules), meet up with the full team for breakfast or dinner to reinforce objectives and talk through the plan for the event.
  • Post on social media about the event while on the ground — especially on our Facebook page. Include pictures!
  • Have a quick daily checkin ~20m before the event opens to touch base re: the day before and see how you can make today even better.
  • Collect attendee data — whether that’s through payment cards, scanners, or simply writing down contact info on the back of a note. This is a crucial part of the process.

After the Event:

  • Send attendee data in a .csv spreadsheet to for salesforce import & sales assignment. Be sure to denote if there are any new membership requests from attendees we should follow up on ASAP. If we’ve had a scanner or gathered information on a signifcant number of people, work w/ a NolimitsSociety manager to send out a post-show email with follow-up resources — memberships, events, list of services, products etc.
  • Schedule a retrospective with your team to discuss what worked, what didn’t, what other sponsors were doing that we can implement, etc. The three statements “I liked… I wish… I wonder…” work well to stimulate conversation and keep it going on a positive front.
  • Post your notes from the meeting (a paragraph or two is fine) on Activity Feed so the community is aware of our involvement.
  • Lastly, update your forked repo one last time to reflect the retrospective and any additional notes on how the sponsorship went so we can reference them down the road when determining whether to sponsor again.