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Harassment and Cyberbullying

Harassment and Cyberbullying

Harassment and cyberbullying
Harassment and cyberbullying
Policies on harassment and cyberbullying

The safety of our members, visitors and partners is our highest priority. We need you to be able to protect this unique and creative community. It’s important that you understand our community guidelines and the role they play in our shared responsibility to ensure that NolimitsSociety is secure. Make sure you read the policy below carefully.

We recently announced updates to our anti-harassment policy to give members and visitors better protection. The policy below has been updated in accordance with these changes. Content that threatens people is not permitted on NolimitsSociety. We also do not allow content with prolonged or harmful insults to a person due to innate characteristics, such as belonging to a protected group or physical characteristics.

If you find content that violates the policy, feel free to report it. If you find more photos, posts, videos or comments that you want to report, you can report the account.

If you receive an actual threat and feel afraid, report the threat directly to the local police authority.

What this policy means for you
If you post content
Do not post content on NolimitsSociety if it matches any of the descriptions below.

Content with long-term insults or harmful insults (eg racist statements) due to someone’s innate characteristics. It can be about belonging to a protected group, physical characteristics or status as a survivor of, for example, sexual abuse, distribution of sexually intimate images without consent, domestic violence or child abuse.

Content that is uploaded for the purpose of humiliating, deceiving or insulting a minor. A minor is someone who is not of legal age. The age of majority is usually 18 years, but it can vary between different geographical areas.
Other types of content that violate this policy
This policy applies to videosphotos, comments, livestreams and all other NolimitsSociety products and features. Keep in mind that this is not a complete list. Keep in mind that these policies also apply to external links in your content. This may include clickable URLs and referring users to other websites.

We may allow content that contains harassment if the main purpose is educational, documentary, scientific or artistic. This does not mean that it is free to harass anyone. Some examples:

Debates about high-ranking officials or leaders: Content with debates or discussions on current topics concerning people in positions of power, such as high-ranking government officials or CEOs of large multinational companies.
Content with scripts: Content with insults in connection with an artistic medium, such as satire with scripts, stand-up comedy or music (eg “diss tracks”). Note! This exception must not be used to harass anyone and say “it was a joke”.

Education and awareness of harassment: Content with actual or simulated harassment for documentary purposes or with volunteer participants (eg actors) to combat cyberbullying or raise awareness.
Note! We have strict rules against content that offends someone due to belonging to a protected group, regardless of whether the person is known or not.

In rare cases, we may remove content or take other action on a member:

– Repeatedly encourages inappropriate behavior by viewers
– Repeatedly insults, insults and harasses an identifiable person due to innate characteristics in multiple charges
exposes a person to risks of physical harm due to the local social or political climate
– Creates content that harms the NolimitsSociety community by constantly encouraging hostility between members for their own financial gain.
Here are some examples of what is not allowed on NolimitsSociety:

  • – Repeatedly showing pictures of a person and saying things like “Check out the teeth of this vomit, so disgusting!” and similar comments about innate characteristics throughout the video.
    – Offending a person because of the person’s belonging to a protected group, by saying things like: “Look at this dirty [insult directed at a protected group], I wish he was hit by a truck”.
    – Attack a person and claim that he has been involved in human trafficking in connection with a dangerous conspiracy theory, with links to direct threats or violent acts.
    – Use extreme insults to dehumanize a person because of his or her innate characteristics. For example: “What a cushion for a woman! She’s not even human – she must be some kind of mutant or animal! ”
    – Image an identia person who is murdered, seriously injured or subjected to explicit sexual acts without the person’s consent.
    – Accounts whose sole purpose is to harass an identifiable person.
  • What happens if content violates this policy?
  • If your content violates this policy, we will remove the content and send you an email. If this is the first time you are violating our Community Guidelines, you’ll probably get a comment on the account without penalties. If it’s not the first time, you may get a warning. If you receive three warnings within 90 days, your account will be terminated.

We may terminate your account in the event of repeated violations of the Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. We may also terminate your account in individual cases of serious unauthorized use, or if the purpose of the account is in itself a violation of our policies.

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