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Forum Policy

Forum Policy

Forum Policy
Forum Policy
Forum Policy for NolimitsSociety

Forum Policy
These rules apply in the forum. Other rules: general rules, rules for cars, rules for videos, rules for events

The rules on this page were updated on 2022-05-13

Before starting a new thread or writing a post.
Search! Your question may well already be asked and answered by someone else.

When you start a new thread
Important: Write a properly worded headline that clearly describes what the thread is about. Threads that don’t follow the header instructions are closed or deleted without notice. See the heading instructions (Section 3).
Threads and posts should be written in the most appropriate forum for the topic. The same post may not be posted in multiple forums (so-called cross-posting).

Heading instructions
Informative and descriptive – It is important that the reader can quickly form an idea of what the thread is about before reading the post. Therefore, it is important to include the purpose of the thread directly in the header through a clear wording. It gives you the best possible response. Be clear!
Not short and general – Headings like “Help”, “Trim?”, “Anyone know?” or other bland things like “Check this one out” are not approved.

When writing a new post
It is not allowed to provoke for the sake of provoking. It is called “trolling” and will lead to shutdown.

Lifting of threads and contentless posts
Posts whose main purpose is to lift a thread are not allowed.
Contentless posts that do not advance the discussion are not allowed. For example, posts such as “+1”, “word”, “hehe” and more are included as contentless.

Incitement to crime
It is under no circumstances permissible to incite crime in the forum (or anywhere else on NolimitsSociety)

Street racing
Organisation of illegal street racing may not occur (according to Swedish law). This applies regardless of whether it occurs directly or indirectly. That is, if it is common knowledge that a hit is about street racing, it is not allowed to advertise or discuss the hit regardless of whether it has been stated in the thread that it is about street racing or not.

Advertising (regardless of type) may not appear in the forum (nor in the forum signature). Instead, use Buy & Sell.

In addition to agreed advertising, it is forbidden to create or disseminate marketing for one’s own or others’ business activities, which also means that it is not allowed to link to a company’s website in, for example, forum signature or presentation for marketing purposes.
Representatives of companies may answer direct questions regarding their own operations without “sales talk”. Representatives of companies and sponsored car builders may not, for marketing purposes, recommend the company in question or products the company sells in case of generally asked questions.
Sponsored car builders are allowed to have some reference to the sponsors in the forum signature.
We reserve the right to determine what is marketing.

10§ Purchase advice
New threads are placed in the most appropriate forum for the item.
Purchase advice regarding cars is placed in the forum in general.
Write an over-clear headline. See the headline instructions!

11§ Troubleshooting
Describe the problem clearly already in the thread heading.
Describe the problem in detail in the post. Provide as much information as possible, such as car model, model year, engine, how the problem plays out, what solutions you have already tried, etc.
Write an over-clear headline. See the headline instructions!

12§ Sense and etiquette
Personal matters, “chat” and the like may not occur in the forum.
Be nice and respect the opinions of others.
Do not shout – Do not use CAPITAL LETTERS, “!!!!!!!!!!”, “?????????” or the like.
Use common sense. If you are unsure if it is OK to write something or not, do not write it!

13§ Reservations
Admins and moderators have the right to modify, move, and delete posts and threads without informing the thread creator or post author.
NolimitsSociety is not responsible for material published through this page.

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