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General Rules

General Rules

General Rules
General Rules
General Rules for NolimitsSociety

These General Rules apply to all NolimitsSociety members and apply throughout the Site unless otherwise stated. Other rules: forum rules, rules for cars, rules for videos, rules for events

The General Rules on this page were updated 2022-05-13

1§ Soundness and “netiquette”
NolimitsSociety’s target group is people over the age of 15. If you are under the age of 15, you should consider not registering.
Be nice and respect the opinions of others.
You absolutely must not create or disseminate statements that are offensive or defamatory.
It is not allowed to provoke for the sake of provoking. It is called trolling and will lead to shutdown.

2§ Mass posting and marketing
Under no circumstances is it permitted to send invitations, solicitations, advertisements or similar to our members – regardless of their scope and approach.
Mass posting regardless of motive and approach is inadmissible. This also applies to mass posting of the same or similar comment on one or more cars. In addition to agreed advertising, it is forbidden to create or disseminate marketing for one’s own or others’ business activities, which also means that it is not allowed to link to a company’s website in, for example, forum signature or presentation for marketing purposes.

Sponsored car builders are allowed to have some reference to the sponsors in their presentation and car information.
We reserve the right to determine what is marketing.
For the current rules in the forum see the forum rules.

3§ Users and usernames
Only private individuals are allowed to register.
Company representatives may register as a private individual under a private username (not company name). However, note the rules that apply to company representatives in, for example, the forum.

Group or club accounts are not allowed. An account is intended for one person. Provocative or otherwise inappropriate usernames are not allowed.
Under no circumstances is it permissible for the same person to have two accounts. If you’re having trouble with your account, contact
You also represent and warrant that all information you provide when you register and also later is true, accurate, current and complete and you agree to update the information so that it remains accurate.

4§ Forum
Please refer to the Forum Rules for the applicable rules in the Forum.

5§ Cars
See the car rules for the current rules for cars.

6§ Reservations
We reserve the right to freely interpret the rules and the right to circumvent them if necessary. However, we naturally try to follow the rules to the best of our ability.
We reserve the right, without justification, to deny and prevent individuals from using the website. We reserve the right to produce new copies of and use uploaded images on the site as deemed necessary. Any images uploaded may be automatically tagged with the page’s logo. Copyright remains unchanged.
NolimitsSociety is not responsible for material that the members of the page create on the page or publish through the page.

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