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Rules For Cars

Rules For Cars

Rules For Cars
Rules For Cars
Rules for Cars for NolimitsSociety

These rules for cars apply to all cars displayed at NolimitsSociety. Other rules: general rulesforum rulesrules for videosrules for events

The rules on this page were updated on 2022-05-13

1§ General

Cars that are uploaded must be owned or driven by the person who publishes, or someone close to them (cohabitant, relative, parent, etc.). Sold cars are OK as long as you state that you sold the car and when. It is absolutely not allowed to put up cars you have no connection with.
Total renovation projects/items (with some exceptions) are referred to the project forum and photo albums. Duplicates are not allowed as “current cars”. If the previous owner has left the car on the page, you must ask or indicate that the car is sold before you post it.

2§ Information about the car
Information about the car must be entered, even if the car is original, the information must be printed. Thus, simply writing “original” is not enough.
All information provided must be serious and accurate.

3§ Images
Think about copyright! Uploading or “borrowing” images without explicitly obtaining permission from the copyright holder (usually the photographer) is illegal, and of course also not allowed. Use only your own pictures of the car to avoid problems. Images that violate this will inevitably be deleted as soon as we are made aware of the breach. Copyright for uploaded images remains unchanged. We reserve the right to create new copies of and use uploaded images as deemed necessary.

The first image of the car must show the car (the whole car or part of). It is not allowed with e.g. posing pictures to attract visitors.
The car must be clearly visible in its entirety on at least one image of good quality (not blurry, grainy, dark, etc.).
Images published must represent the car in question or relevant car parts and the like. Personal portraits are only allowed together with the car or with other things relevant to the car, but not as a first image.
Pornographic, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate images without relevance are of course not permitted and risk being permanently deleted without notice.

4§ Advertising
No form of advertising is allowed through this page.

5§ Forgotten cars are removed
Current cars that have been untouched for a long time are at risk of being deactivated and then completely erased.

6§ Reservations
Administrators have the right to change, delete and add information and images without notifying the owner/user. The point may be applied to cars that violate one or more of the rules, but also for other reasons not mentioned in the rules.
Administrators have the right to make changes and additions to the rules without further notice. It is the user’s responsibility to keep up to date with the rules that apply. NolimitsSociety is not responsible for material published through this page.

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