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Video Policy

Video Policy

Video Policy
Video Policy
Video Policy for NolimitsSociety

These rules apply to videos. Other rules: general rules, rules for cars, forum rules, rules for events.

The rules on this page were updated on 2022-05-13

1§ General
For the videos provided by external websites, these rules apply as an extension of the respective video provider’s rules. A video that is allowed according to a particular website is not automatically allowed at NolimitsSociety.
NolimitsSociety has no technical requirements for a video clip in terms of format, quality, sound or length.
Videos that are not considered to add anything due to poor image and/or sound quality will be removed.

2§ Content
Only vehicle-related videos that fit in one of the predefined categories may be submitted.
Videos with pornographic, racist or offensive content will be removed and risk leading to user account suspension.
Videos that contain only slideshows are not counted as videos and will be removed.

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