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FAQs & Answers About Order Process

FAQs & Answers About Order Process

Can I create manual/draft orders?

Customers have the ability to create “manual orders” which are special orders placed on behalf of the customer. These are similar to standard orders, and we’ll proceed with the traditional process once the payment has been received. All the customer has to do is send their order specification to or and complete their payment.
It’s important to remember that all orders need a proper shipping address. If the shipping address is incomplete or missing, the orders will not be created. In order to proceed with production, the proper shipping address will need to be submitted.
If you believe the shipping address is correct and the order hasn’t shipped within 48 hours, then please contact or .

Can orders be changed before shipping?

Once you have approved an order, there is still a chance to edit or cancel the order, but only before it is taken into production. You can cancel the order via . You can also change the shipping address before an order moves to In Production status. 
Once an order moves to In Production there is no longer an option to edit the details of the order or cancel it. NolimitsSociety will not refund orders that need to have details changed, or be canceled.

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