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About Lackzon

Lackzon AB’s goal is to offer everything needed for a successful painting project. They have been in the paint business since the 1980s and have extensive experience in many different paint products. The idea is therefore that what they sell should be things that their professional employees recommend or use themselves.

Ahlezon Produktion started as a car repair shop in the 50s when Stuart Ahlezon converted the family farm into a Saab workshop. Over the years, the workshop has developed its operations and today Ahlezon Produktion delivers surface treatment services to several of Sweden’s largest truck builders. The focus is on the painting of heavy vehicles in new production. On you can read more about their history and the paint business as it looks today.

In 2017, the idea came to start e-commerce with paint products and accessories and to sell off some of the old gadgets that have remained in the workshop since Stuart’s time. In 2018, the webshop was launched and Lackzon became a reality.

Lackzon hope that you will find what you are looking for. In the unlikely event that you miss something, do not hesitate to contact them. They are grateful for all the feedback they can get so that they can constantly get better!

NolimitsSociety are proud partners of Lackzon.