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About Us
LMR / House of Motorsport was started in the autumn of 2008 by Långe-Mikael Andersson since he for a long time devoted himself to Volvo accessories and the manufacture of, among other things, Volvo’s add-on in fiberglass in his spare time. He then noticed that there was a demand for products for Volvo and LMR was born.

L-M-R stands for Långe-Mikael Refinement. Refinement meaning refinement is LMR’s motto,
to achieve Big Results with Small Modifications!

In 2009, LMR began to see a demand for more and more aftermarket products for Volvo and L-M-R then began to develop, among other things, manifolds, intakes and road maintenance products according to its own design.

This then continued with more and more styling products and in 2010 L-M-Rs perhaps most famous product were born, namely the Handle cover of the 740 / 940 which is a hood with 960 look that mounted on the outside of the 740/940 original handles, these have been sold in large edition and are still one of LMR’s most popular products.

In 2011, L-M-R changed premises to Trollhättevägen 74 in Sollebrunn, as a result LMR got the opportunity to start both their own laundry hall, service workshop and rental of trailers. In autumn of 2011, LMR also started a service store with a complete range from, among others Mekonomen and Sollebrunn’s Oil Service.

By the turn of the year 2011-2012, L-M-R had established itself as a well-known workshop in Sollebrunn. In 2012, LMR has, among other things, invested in a complete tire workshop with tire benders and balancing machine.

In 2012-2014, the company continued to grow and the workforce is now expanded to 4 people.

During this time, the range was further expanded with parts for also BMW, Nissan and Toyota and of course, even more Volvo parts.
In L-M-R’s online store you will now find almost 21000 products, many of which are in stock for immediate delivery.

At the turn of the year 2014-2015, the company LMR Invest AB was started, which is now the company that runs LMR further.

From July 2015, LMR will close its Car and Service Workshop to invest even more in its online store.
Part of the investment is newly built warehouse adjacent to their store so they will be even faster to pack and send customers orders.

When the warehouse was ready and the service store was closed, the focus was entirely on the online store. Customers still have the opportunity placing their order online and picking up their goods in the store, a winning concept to maintain the local connection.

In 2016-2017, LMR has continued to increase its inventory size and focus on always delivering your orders as quickly as possible.
During the spring of 2018, the warehouse will be further expanded to significantly speed up order processing.

In 2020, they are growing so much that the premises in Sollebrunn are unfortunately not enough anymore, of which they moved to larger and with suitable premises on Dubbgatan 8 in Vänersborg (Trestad Center) during the first quarter of 2021. This enables larger warehouse space, faster handling and mailing of orders and of course expansion for the future.

LMR is has a number of well-known brands that we are resellers for, such as:

LMR is also the Swedish general agent for the Japanese quality brand Work Wheels rims, DeatschWerks Injectors and YellowSpeeds Coilovers and brakes.

If there is something you as a customer are thinking about, do not hesitate to contact them!

NolimitsSociety are proud partners of LMR “Small Modifications, Big Results”