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The people who are part of the NLS Team share the vision and values of our community. We`re driven by the idea that the best work is born from diligence, craftmanship and fun.

Oliver Wikemar

Region Leader

Rickard Johansson

Region Leader

Thomas Cerwin

Nation Leader

Wilma Stenman

Brand Manager
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Kevin Roth

Always solid support!!

Kevin Roth


We'll answer some common questions for you :)

Our vision is to create a global car community where everyone is welcome regardless of background, ethnicity or creed. Therefore, we make few “demands” when recruiting. We’d rather go on feeling and chemistry than read a resume. Everyone is welcome to apply in our community.

We always try to give more than we take. As a team member, you always get free entry to all events, and the membership fee is free and valid as long as you are a team member. We also offer Team Merchandise which is only available to our team members. You will be part of planning, developing and contributing to meet our members’ requirements and give everyone the opportunity to be part of something bigger.

Child labor is not tolerated in any form. Unless local law stipulates a higher age limit, no person younger
than the age for completing compulsory education or younger than 15 shall be employed.
For authorized minors, management is responsible for providing age-appropriate working conditions,
hours of work and wage, in compliance with applicable local law.
If a child is found working at a site where NolimitsSociety products or components are produced, all actions
taken must be in the best interest of the child, and all remediating actions must be taken to maintain or
improve the child’s social situation.

There are several ways members and volunteers can submit job applications and your resume for free. Submitting a general application can always be done via email or DM us on Instagram or Facebook. Briefly describe yourself and how we can contact you and we will take it from there. We also post if we are looking for specific assignments here on the website so keep an eye out as we are constantly looking for new people to work with. 

You get compensation for larger events, and time-consuming tasks. In the future, we will be hiring several full-time NLS employees, so if you are interested in making a career in our community and working with what you are passionate about, there will be an opportunity to do so. Wages, including overtime compensation and benefits, shall equal or exceed the level required by
applicable law. NolimitsSociety encourages consideration of the cost for meeting basic needs of the workers
and their families, as part of defining wage levels.

YES! Always. We have members in more than 40 countries. We are constantly looking for new countries to establish ourselves in and think it is amazing to exchange experiences and get to know people from other countries.

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