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Scandinavian Car Styling AB

Scandinavian Car Styling AB
SC Styling

Information about SC Styling

The greatest in car styling and accessories in Sweden!

SC Styling have been selling car styling and car accessories since 2004. They are based in Uppsala, Sweden, where they have their warehouse, office and store. Since 2015, they also include parts for heavy vehicles to expand their operations.

They offer more than 250,000 items directly in their webshop. At SC Styling, 20 employees work who are happy to help you realize your dreams. Their staff has a genuine interest in cars and are passionate about the car parts they sell. Their key words are: High quality, High service level and Friendly treatment.


SC Styling, was started in 2004 by Kalle and Danne who had a dream of pimping cars and selling styling and audio for cars online. With time and a lot of hard work, it turned out that car styling was what would become the core of the business and the car sound was discontinued. SC has always grown by itself and is one of the strongest players in Swedish car styling. In recent years, they have expanded to Norway and Finland and continue to grow at a furious pace.


To become the most admired retailer within the car styling & tuning industry in Europe. This will be done by offering a wonderful customer experience built on their passion and expertise for cars and accessories.


Give people with passion for cars the opportunity to make their dream come true.

NolimitsSociety are proud partners of SC Styling.