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Brand Manager

Wilma will work strategically and overall to market and develop NolimitsSociety. Everything from developing new products or improving existing products and expanding the brand with more products and strengthening the brand’s position. Wilma will have contact with most parts of the chain from start to finish, and check that everything is done as intended, planning for how the brand should be seen, finding solutions and opportunities to process new and existing market channels and also improve social media presence and being a good project overall manager are some of the tasks that Wilma is now responsible for together with our global team.

Other tasks is to cooperate with the other Leaders on issues and opportunities as well as on newly started operations and services and to make sure that internal guidelines and policies are followed. Reporting is done directly to the Chief Executive Officer for NolimitsSociety.

Wilma joined NolimitsSociety (NLS) in 2021.