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TRI-PAK® since 1984, read more about them below.

SINCE 1984.

Already in 1984, Tri-Pak developed the recipes for their complete fuel additives.
The idea came about to offer a market-leading lead replacement for older cars when the fuel companies started to produce gasoline without lead, but we were not content with just lead replacement

Through a collaboration with the state Development Fund, we developed our fuel additive that lubricates, cleans and optimizes your entire fuel system and engine.

Their goal is to

Save all engines from fuel-related problems and make them more efficient, thereby lowering emissions and increasing performance through more efficient combustion.


38 Years of Experience

The year was 1984 and lead in fuel had been questioned for some time. Lead is a heavy metal with a large environmental impact and more modern engines did not take as much damage from fuels without the octane-raising and lubricating properties that lead had. The idea was born to create an additive that contributed with these properties but in a more environmentally friendly way.

Tri-Pak founder Hasse has a history as a sharp innovator and is known for always striving for perfection. Once he came up with a formula that replaced lead, he discovered that the engines on which he tested his fuel additive ran more evenly and had slightly lower emissions than they had before adding his new liquid-shaped innovation. With the help of the state Development Fund, he continued to improve his additive.

In pure curiosity and constant pursuit of improvement, he continued to develop and test his way to even more efficient combustion with higher performance and lower emissions as a result. In more detailed tests, the fuel additive turned out, as expected, to dissolve dirt and lubricate the fuel system. It also contributes to smoother running, facilitates cold starts and counteracts nailing and knocking.

In a laboratory environment, fuels with added Tri-Pak have shown higher octane numbers and maintained quality over a longer period of time. A characteristic that has been highly appreciated in recreational vehicles that sometimes become standing for periods of time.

Just a few years later, Hasse was on the move again. He had succeeded in developing an additive that improved gasoline, now it was time to do the same for Diesel.

Through careful research and extensive testing with the support of the State Development Fund, Hasse developed its fuel additive for Diesel. The formula that was developed is of course Cetane-raising and in the same way as the Petrol Booster lubricating for both the engine and fuel system.

However, the problems for Diesel and Diesel tanks are a little different. Here, in addition to increasing burn and lubricating the system, it was also a matter of counteracting algae growth and other microorganisms (diesel bacteria). At the same time, the effect of simplified cold starts and smoother engine running would be maintained. This is something that you can ask any Tri-Pak user about, it works!

In recent years, problems with EGR systems and clogged Diesel particulate filters have been highlighted. This is something that many Tri-Pak users believe gets completely remedied with the help of the additive. Of course, this is true, with a better combustion comes cleaner exhaust gases and thus less problems with particles and soot that otherwise mess it up for systems like this on more modern cars.

Since 2007, the company has been run by Anders Skommar Hansson, who traditionally manufactures Tri-Pak in Insjön, Dalarna. With full control of production and a secret recipe that is followed with precision, Tri-Pak and the fuel additives retain their market-leading positions and have since 1984 made their way further into Europe and Asia.

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